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Following rigorous peer review, the following 23 full papers have been accepted for COSIT'11.

  • Jan Wilkening and Sara Irina Fabrikant
    How do decision time and realism affect map-based decision making?
  • Felix Lindner and Carola Eschenbach
    Towards a Formalization of Social Spaces for Socially Aware Robots
  • Lin-Jie Guan and Matt Duckham
    Decentralized reasoning about gradual changes of topological relationships between continuously evolving regions
  • Kris Lohmann, Carola Eschenbach and Christopher Habel
    Linking Spatial Haptic Perception to Linguistic Representations: Assisting Utterances for Tactile-Map Explorations
  • Kristin Stock and Claudia Cialone
    Universality, Language-Variability and Individuality: Defining Linguistic Building Blocks for Spatial Relations
  • Makoto Takemiya and Toru Ishikawa
    I Can Tell by the Way You Use Your Walk: Real-Time Classification of Wayfinding Performance
  • Holly A Taylor, Qi Wang, Stephanie A Gagnon, Keith B Maddox, and Tad T Brunyé
    The Social Connection in Mental Representations of Space: Explicit and Implicit Evidence
  • Blake Stephen Howald and E Graham Katz
    On the explicit and implicit spatiotemporal architecture of narratives of personal experience
  • Stephen Hirtle, Sabine Timpf and Thora Tenbrink
    The Effect of Activity on Relevance and Granularity for Navigation
  • Linda Abarbanell, Rachel Montana and Peggy Li
    Revisiting the Plasticity of Human Spatial Cognition Plasticity of Human Spatial Cognition
  • Thora Tenbrink and Werner Kuhn
    A formal model of spatial reference frames in language
  • Takeshi Shirabe
    Information on the Consequence of a Move and Its Use for Route Improvisation Support
  • Fathi Hamhoum and Christian Kray
    Scalable Navigation Support for Crowds: Personalized Guidance via Augmented Signage
  • John Stell, Geraldine Del Mondo, Remy Thibaud and Christophe Claramunt
    Spatio-temporal Evolution as Bigraph Dynamics
  • Narges Mahpeykar and Andrea Tyler
    The Semantics of Farsi be: Applying the Principled Polysemy model
  • Muralikrishna Sridhar, Anthony G Cohn and David C Hogg
    From Video to RCC8: Exploiting a Distance Based Semantics to Stabilise the Interpretation of Mereotopological Relations
  • Parvin Asadzadeh, Lars Kulik, Egemen Tanin and Tony Wirth
    On Optimal Arrangements of Binary Sensors
  • Mehul Bhatt, Jae Hee Lee and Carl Schultz
    CLP(QS): A Declarative Spatial Reasoning Framework
  • Christoph Mülligann, Krzysztof Janowicz, Mao Ye and Wang-Chien Lee
    Analyzing Spatial-Semantic Interaction of Points of Interest in Volunteered Geographic Information
  • Giorgio De Felice, Paolo Fogliaroni and Jan Oliver Wallgrün
    A Hybrid Geometric-Qualitative Spatial Reasoning System and its Application in GIS
  • Daniel R Montello and Danqing Xiao
    Linguistic and Cultural Universality of the Concept of Sense-of-Direction
  • Malumbo Chipofya, Jia Wang and Angela Schwering
    Towards Cognitively Plausible Spatial Representations for Sketch Map Alignment
  • Finite relativist geometry grounded in perceptual operations
    Simon Scheider, Werner Kuhn
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