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Tutorials at COSIT feature 3-hour workshops by leading scholars on topics of interest to the field of spatial information theory. The workshops are pedagogical, designed to train as well as inform. As traditionally occurs at COSIT, the tutorials this year take place on the day before the first paper sessions. There are two simultaneous afternoon tutorials. Attendance at tutorials is kept to a small group. An additional fee for attending the tutorials is charged over and above the regular conference registration fee, as described on the registration form.

Four tutorials are on offer at COSIT'03. Tutorial 1, given by Reg Golledge, is entitled Cognitive Behavioral Geography. Tutorial 2, given by John Stell, is entitled Formalization of Geographic Space. Tutorial 4, given by Gary Allen, is entitled Research methods in spatial cognition.

Tutorial 1: Cognitive Behavioral Geography, Reg Golledge, Geography Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.

Tutorial 2: Formalization of Geographic Space, John Stell, School of Computing, University of Leeds, U.K.

Tutorial 4: Research Methods in Spatial Cognition: Building a Scientific Tool Kit, Gary Allen, Psychology Department, University of South Carolina, U.S.A. This tutorial will provide an overview of research methods used in the study of spatial cognition and behavior, illustrate these methods with applications from the literature, and discuss strengths and limitations associated with them. The goal is to assist investigators in gaining familiarity with methodological tools and to promote appreciation for converging lines of scientific evidence in theory-based research.

Session A (1.5 hours) Session B (1.5 hours)

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