How to get from Zurich International Airport to Kartause Ittingen by train


Long version (lots of pictures)

Short Version:

  1. Walk out of arrival area
  2. Get Swiss money from ATM or from exchange bureau (Terminal A to your left, Terminal B to your right)
  3. Look for this sign and follow it to check-in 3, just above the train station.
  4. Get a ticket at the counter or a the ticket machine (How?).
  5. Board train to Frauenfeld
  6. Get off at Frauenfeld station, last chance to get Swiss money inside the station (look for 'Bancomat').
  7. Look for Publicar just in front of the main building.
  8. Ask if it is going to Kartause Ittingen and state your name
  9. Pay the additional fee of 2 CHF, get comfortable
  10. Get off at Kartause Ittingen