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Stephen C. Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh

As part of the panel discussion at the end of COSIT'01 in Morro Bay, I conducted a study of the impact of COSIT on the literature. With the help of Denis Nkweteyim, I attempted to collect all citations to COSIT'93, COSIT'95, COSIT'97, and COSIT'99. The primary sources for identifying the citations were the Science Citation Index (SCI), Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), and CiteSeer (http://citeseer.org/). There are no doubt additional citations, which did not appear in these sources or have appeared since the data was collected in the Summer of 2001.

After collecting the citations, obvious self-citations were dropped from list. The remaining titles were sorted and classified by field. Each journal/publication/conference listed below has at least one reference to a paper published in the COSIT proceedings. Thus, the list below reflects the breadth of impact that COSIT has had on the scientific community over the past decade.

Artificial Intelligence

Geographic Information Science

Psychology and Cognitive Science


Information Science

Linguistics and Language

Philosophy and Logic

Spatial Data and DMBS

Anthropology and Sociology

User Interfaces and Graphics

General and Misc

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