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Background: Information on what to expect from the Doctoral Colloquium can be found here.

Dates: The important deadlines for the COSIT '03 Doctoral Colloquium are here.

To participate in the Doctoral Colloquium, students should submit a brief summary of their work (no more than 1500 words) in addition to a brief biography (no more than 300 words). The summary should include a title, your name and institution, and should outline the key research questions and motivation of your work, in addition to any actual or anticipated methods and results. Summaries should be prepared in pdf format, with a minimum margin size of 4cm (all round), and with no headers, footers or page numbers. The biography should outline your academic background, research interests and indicate the current stage of your PhD, and should be in plain text format. Your summary and biography should be emailed to matt@cosit.info before June 20th 2003. All summaries and biographies will be published on the COSIT web site (www.cosit.info), as well as in a pamphlet distributed at the conference. Space permitting, all graduate students who meet the deadline, format, and topical requirements will be invited to participate and give an oral presentation of their work at the Colloquium on the final day of the COSIT'03 conference.

Information on applying for a grant to attend the Doctoral Colloquium can be found here

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