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Grants: Information on the COSIT'03 ESRI Student Award winners can be found here.

The complete proceedings for the COSIT'03 Doctoral Colloquium can be downloaded here (pdf, 1.3MB).

Links to individual Doctorial Colloquium participants' submission are given below.

Pragya Agarwal An ontological approach to structuring individual space and time in a "place"
Roderic Bera Relative Adjacencies in Spatial Pseudo-Partitions
Sven Bertel Cognitive Modeling for Assisted Graphical Design
Patrick Browne Towards a Unified Spatial-Temporal Data Model and Query Language for Geographical Information Systems
Jeffrey C. Brunskill Conceptual Models of Atmospheric Space: A Study of Experiential Knowledge in Folk and Scientific Representations of the Atmosphere
Michael D. Hendricks Querying a Wayfinder's Dynamic Space-Time Environment
James M. Hood Spatio-temporal ontology
Janet M. Honig A Common Thread
Jeff Howarth Towards an Ontology of Historical Data
Ryan Kohl An Empirical Theory of Ontological Systems
Barry Kronenfeld Representing Heterogeneous Landscapes: A Case Study of Vegetation
Michael Lutz Process Ontologies for GI Web Service Composition
Florian Probst Image Schemata-Based Reference Ontologies-The Core Elements of Semantic Reference Systems
Rui Manuel Pereira Reis Integrated Qualitative Spatial Reasoning with Lines
Florian Twaroch Improving the Understanding of Space through Language
Thomas Wolbers Neural Foundations of Emerging Representations of Space

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