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DC Program: The doctoral colloquium program may be found here

Presentation template: Doctoral colloquium presenters can download a PowerPoint template for their presentations here

Full conference: Note that the COSIT'03 Doctoral Colloquium is part of the full COSIT'03 conference. Participants in the Doctoral Colloquium will need to register for the full COSIT conference (at the student rate) so you attend the rest of COSIT'03 conference sessions.

COSIT'03 Doctoral Colloquium
Sunday, September 28, 2003

The COSIT Doctoral Colloquium is an opportunity for PhD students to present their research in a supportive environment to an international audience of students, researchers and faculty. Students can expect to receive feedback on issues such as how to identify and refine research questions, how to orally present research, and how to publish research, as well as insights into how to successfully complete a PhD in an interdisciplinary field. Typically, presentation topics are related to a PhD student's doctoral dissertation research, but any research topic appropriate for COSIT may be presented, as long as the student is the primary author of the work. Students at any stage of their PhD are encouraged to apply: the Colloquium is an ideal forum for presenting research in the early or planning stages, as well as work that is nearing completion.

Applications for participation in the COSIT'03 Doctoral Colloquium are now closed.

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