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If you have been notified that your paper has been accepted for COSIT'03, you will need to follow these steps to submit your final camera ready version for publication:

  1. Carefully read the reviewers' comments (viewable by logging into the cosit.eveni.com website) and make appropriate changes to your paper. Some authors will also receive further comments from the Program Committee in a later email.
  2. Check your submission to make sure that it conforms to every aspect of the Springer proceedings style guide. Submissions that do not conform to the style guide will NOT be published in the Proceedings. Additionally:
    • The final version should be less than 6000 words in length, and must not be more than a total length of 18 pages including all references, figures, etc
    • You do not need to send a printed version of the paper, but you do need to submit a pdf version of the paper.
  3. Submit the final version of your paper and all files specifies in the Springer checklist (part 7 in the style guide) as a zip file through the submission and review management system on the cosit.eveni.com website. The deadline for final paper submissions is July 7th, midnight GMT.
  4. Finally, send your signed and completed copyright form to Werner Kuhn to arrive before 7th July. The book title will be COSIT 2003, Spatial Information Theory and the editors are Werner Kuhn, Mike Worboys, and Sabine Timpf. Mail completed form in plenty of time to Prof Dr Werner Kuhn, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Muenster, Robert-Koch-Str. 26-28, D-48149 Muenster, Germany OR fax completed form to Werner Kuhn at +49(0)251 83-39763 OR email completed signed form to werner@cosit.info.

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