COSIT '03 -- September 24-28, 2003, in Ittingen, Switzerland


Morro Bay, near San Luis Obispo, California USA September 19-23, 2001


Daniel R. Montello, iversity of Ca
lifornia, Santa Barbara (Chair)
Daniel R. Montello, University of California, Santa Barbara (Chair) 
Anthony G. Cohn, University of Leeds
Mary Hegarty, University of California, Santa Barbara
Michel Denis, CNRS
Stephen C. Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh
Max J. Egenhofer, University of Maine
Werner Kuhn, University of Muenster
Andrew U. Frank, TU Vienna
David M. Mark, SUNY Buffalo
Christian Freksa, University of Hamburg
Barbara Tversky, Stanford University
The fifth international Conference On Spatial Information Theory, COSIT '01, is concerned with theoretical aspects of space and spatial information.  Of special interest are aspects of "large-scale" space, i.e. spaces too large to be apprehended at once without technological aid.  These include spaces of geographic and environmental scales in which humans, animals, or autonomous robots navigate and carry out other activities.  Spatial information theory also deals with the formal and natural description of objects, fields, processes and events in spatial environments, thus providing a foundation for the design and construction of geographic information systems (GIS) and for spatial information systems (SIS) in general.