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The Venue

The COSIT 2022 meeting will take place in Kitano Meister Garden, a tourist destination place located in central Kobe. The venue is a former elementary school building closed in 1996 due to a decrease in the number of school children and the damage caused by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. It was renovated and reopened in 1998 by popular demand for the preservation of the historic school building with 87 years of history.

The neighborhood of the venue is a nice and small historic district called Kitano Area, which is characterized by Western cultures and foreign residences from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and surrounded by a variety of sightseeing spots, shops, and restaurants within walking distance.

Kitano Meister Garden has various local food stores and souvenir shops on the first floor and handmade experience studios, accessory shops, and cafés on the second floor for you to visit. The third floor of the building is a hall, where we will host our themed sessions this year. It is a remnant of the former elementary school, now used for local events and concerts to be held in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Having our academic and social activities in the hall matches the COSIT tradition of fostering lively discussions among people across disciplines in a single stream of non-parallel sessions.

The city, district, and venue will allow us to extend the 30 years of history of the COSIT series in a setting of mixed Western and Japanese cultures with a desirable degree of coziness, comfort, and convenience. Hope you will join us for COSIT 2022 in Kobe!

More information about the venue is available at these websites:

(Pictures from https://www.feel-photo.info/ © Kobe Tourism Bureau)